not sure if im in the right forum for this but here goes, I just need a bit of helping perfecting my tone. I'm going for a very heavy/gated/articulate sound. I have my tone sounding great for chugs but when I want to riff anywhere above a certain note the tone starts sounding thin and shitty. I'm messing with my PODHD500 so possibilities are endless as far as gear goes.. and my guitar is a schecter omen 7 with stock pickups in case that's the problem. Any advice would be appreciated,

Maybe an upgrade of the pickups? Schecter's own pickups aren't TOO great, and a lot of articulation is in the pickup. Maybe look at the new Seymour Duncan pickups, like the Nazgul or Pegasus?
My settings are usually like this: Bass 6 Mid 10 Treble 4. It is pretty much the best setting in my opinion. But tone is subjective I guess (to a certain point at least).
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