I just found out that my bass sounds way better through my guitar amp (Peavey ValveKing 212) than through my bass amp (Warwick Take 12). Actually the valveking even sounds better for bass than for guitar and that got me thinking of adding some lower frequencies by a cab underneath the combo.

So, can I plug an 8 ohm 15" bass cab rated for 300W to the amp which provides only 100W, while running the internal speakers in parallel to the cab, which are also rated at 8 ohms?

I can change the amp output between 4, 8 and 16 ohms, if that's of any help.

Don't know if this would belong under guitar or bass so I figured I'd put it in the pit. I'm also not seriously doing this, not yet at least.
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Don't you could blow an Output transformer. That's an expensive fix.
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If in doubt, never use a bass with a guitar amp.
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Don't you could blow an Output transformer. That's an expensive fix.

Not before you destroy all of your speakers.
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if theyre both rated for 8 ohm in parralel then youd have to put it to 4 ohms for proper ohmage
and you want your speaker wattage to be more than the amp wattage for the most part

you shouldnt damge your amp by doing this if youre careful
jus tbe careful with your guitar speaker if anything use only the bass cab at low volumes
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Yeah man using guitar amps is better than bass amps for your bass especially if your bass has 6 strings then its basically a guitar yo
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You could blow the valveking speakers or otherwise damage the amp. Guitar amp speakers arent voiced for those low frequencies.
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