So, I have a pedalboard with individual pedals and Im thinking of swapping it a good multieffect pedal.Im mostly interested in modulation effects (delay,chorus,flanger etc..) since i will be getting the distortion from my amp and i like its original tone.

Would my sound improve, and would I be less dancing on the pedals,i want a programmable unit that i could just drag around without messing with the settings all the time?

Would some multieffect pedal like Line 6 hd 500 sound good with an amp such as mine?
If you like all your pedals then the best thing is to get what Walt said. My mate used to have a multi fx pedal but started his pedal board a few years ago, got some TC electronic thing he plugs everything into and it just sounds awesome. Plus its a lot of fun to use once you figure out how to use it XD
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