I have a boss dd-7 and would like to upgrade my delay to a pedal with programmable presets,so i can easy change my sound without tweaking the pedal live... any suggestions?
How many different sounds are you trying to get? If you only need a few, you can have three presets on the the TC electronics Flashback X4, and four on the Boss DD-20. If that's not enough, the TC Electronics ND-1 can hold 9 presets, and the Rockton Cyborg delay can hold 8 (would have to find one used, though).

If you need any more than that, maybe look into a rack unit with a Midi controller
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I recommend the Electro harmonix memory man with hazarai or the Line 6 DL4, can't go wrong with either

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Budget? You can have 200 presets on a Strymon Timeline, but it also costs $450.
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