I'm not sure if this is the proper location for this question but I couldn't find a singing forum. I was wondering if anyone had tips on how to do a pitched full voice high scream, as found here:


and here:


Look up lessons by Jaime Vendara and Ken Tamplin for this style of sound. Its hyper glottal compression which basically means properly produced true fold distortion. Its advanced stuff so go slow and realize it will take lots of time to develop the coordination. Some other tips.

1. Learn to song correctly first. I suggest this for all metal vocals but especially for pitched screaming and distorted singing.

2. Understand the role your diaphragm provides in phonation.

3. Drink a shit ton of water. Its oil for the voice and all.

4. Warm up well. I usually have no issue doing these types of vocals for our entire set but last week, I forgot to warm up. I'm just now recovering. Its THAT important.

5. Learn to listen to what your throat is telling you and Dont go beyond your limits.

Lastly, never push. Envision a strong flow instead. This will help avoid over compression of tge cords resulting in a strained painful tone.

Be patient and good luck! If you need some tutorials or audio to help get started pm me and I'll work on something for you.