My first post!
Sup guys, I've been lurking on this website for a little and decided to finally post. I plan on buying a Douglas guitar from the Rondomusic website http://www.rondomusic.com/grendelnat.html and I think I heard a while ago that any guitar bought on the website requires a case to be bought as well (of course some do include cases, but I don't think this one in particular does). Is this true? Because I really do not want a guitar shipped to my house in Chicago, all beaten up and battered from the shipping.
I have bought from their website many times. Never a Douglas though. The agiles that I bought came without a case and was very well packed. Of course if you are worried then by all means buy a case. I would recommend the Agile over the Douglas though.
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This will be my first seven string, plus it's on sale for 135! It has decent reviews, plus I'm on a strict budget due to the holidays so this should be decent.
Shipping without a case, no worries. If the box looks all beat up when you get it, take pictures of it before opening just in case... Rondo has a very good return policy.
I believe they only require you to purchase a case when shipping internationally (outside the states) so you should be fine.
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