I've always loved the tone when I've seen them on YouTube, and the opportunity has risen for me to grab my own. With the trade off of my Hot Rod Deluxe III, and some cash, I could get a 66 Bassman w/2x12 cab. He recently put new tubes in and got it rebiased because they were worn out. Comes with the stock Fender Special Design Speakers (made by eminence).

Does anybody know a lot about these amps? I know a lot have been modded and whatnot but this ones mod-free. I hear a lot about the AB165 and the AA864's and honestly I'm quite confused. I know they replaced the 864's with the ab165's around the time of the late 60's, not sure which one this one has (haven't asked him yet, he probably knows). What is the 165 like? and how about the 864? If someone can explain this to me I'd be very thankful.

here's the amp

I'm not sure what kind of mods you're talking about, but outside of the guy living a 3 hour long drive away, go and check it out and see if YOU like it.
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Ah I wish I could. 3 hours is a long drive when you lack a vehicle. I'm in university atm in another town so I lack a car or any ability to go and actually test it. He's passing through the province in a couple weeks and he's willing to go out of his way to drop it off for me if I help chip in gas.

I know a lot of people mod say the 66 with AB165's to sound like the earlier ones, and vice versa. I believe a mid-switch is also common. Thanks for the tip though, in most cases I wouldn't mind the drive, since the closest good guitar shop in my town in an 1 1/2 away .

I'm pretty positive I won't be doing wrong with this trade. The Hot Rod Deluxe III is a great amp, but I've heard some legendary things about these blackface bassman's.
Blackface Bassman is probably my dream amp. If you don't get it I can't vicariously live through you, so you'd better ****ing get it.
There's really not a lot of difference. The older ones had a bit more top end. They're all good.
This sounds about right:
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Oh I'm 99% sure I'm gonna get it, he's already selling it at a loss, and on top of that he's accepting my hrd just cause. He's an older lad that found himself owning to much gear, so he's selling this one and in turn gaining another amp

Thank you for that site, it should help a lot! I'm excited
In general, AA864 FTW, the best ****in clean sounding amp ever if ya ask me.

Most of the AB165 I've heard of were early silverfaces who presented a lot of not-that-good things that were moddable to make the thing sound like an AA864.

Get that.
You know you want it.
And then do an amazing NAD post.
We do want that.
You know you want it...
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