Hello, I recently bought a talkbox and only have 2 Kenwood Hifi speakers with a receiver. I was told that the speakers can get damaged for using them for live use, and they also dont sound as good as PA speakers. Would these PA speakers sound better than the two Jl 507 kenwood speakers. HERES THE LINK

Most Hifi systems suck for guitar amps.

How are you planing on powering the PA cabs?

Musical instrument speakers would sound better,
especially those designed for guitar.

I don't care for PA speakers for guitar. Not when
I can get some kind of guitar amp,

well im not actually using it for my guitar just my talkbox so a mic will be connected to the speakers then i will have a mixer. I have a amp for my guitar that i use everyday
I've destroyed hifi speakers with live music (they were sacrificial I guess since I wasn't using them anymore). So yeah, they aren't made for the crazy dynamics of instruments connected up to them, at least at higher volumes - hence the robust PA speaker

When you say you got a talkbox, doesn't it already have a speaker? I've used Heil one and it has the speaker built-in and just needs an amp. Example: http://www.guitarcenter.com/Dunlop-Heil-Talk-Box-100230731-i1124464.gc

Or are you making your own with a box and tube and just need to jam a speaker inside? You don't need a huge speaker for that, but be sure the amp driving it doesn't blow it up. Make sure you check the impedance levels if you're getting home grown speakers and connecting them to PA amps - it could create a problem if you're not careful.