I've been wanting a Gibson LP for a while (even though I play like $#*%). I traded my old guitar in last week for a used Studio Deluxe for $1000 at Guitar Center. Other than a few small dings in the headstock's lacquer I really love the guitar, and it's way more comfortable to play than my old one. It didn't come with a hard case though, so I ended up spending another $110 on one (I probably should have negotiated for one).

Now I'm thinking to my self that I'd be better off returning the Studio and case for a used Traditional Pro for $1400 that comes with a Gibson case.

Either guitar is way better than I am; my main concern is which is the better deal, would hold value better, and be easier to sell / trade if I ever needed to. Is it worth spending $290 more?
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Not really in my opinion I own a studio and a standard and
the playability of the two is very close standard is just nicer
looking is all. IMO of course.
I've got a Traditional Pro... it's a 2013 model..

Push/Push switches that split the coils and it's got a "boost" function that I didn't think I'd use, but it's come in handy...

I gig with mine and it plays amazing... solid, good quality, what you'd expect from Gibson. I don't see getting rid of it ever, so, not sure about resale value...

is it better than what you've got? I don't know.. but I like mine...
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