I know this topic has been asked but I didn't want to get flamed for necro'ing a thread 3 years in the grave so; How can I replace this junk (Edge III) with a Floyd Rose?

The Floyd Rose I have grinds up against the right wall. The Edge III is not staying in tune, I thank, because of the knife edges. Tuning just causes the term to keep raising up in the back. So if I can't replace with the Floyd Rose without major work can I, and how would I, go about filing down the knife edges on the Edge III?

Thanks for any advice and help

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I got the Floyd Rose in. This is what I learned for anyone else that trys this.

When your Termolo is diving towards the neck of your guitar you can try to tighten the two screws holding the two to four springs that hold the termolo. With the Edge II & III this really wont do much if the springs are worn. This is the main reason the Edge III will not stay in tune. The more you tighten your stings the more the termolo dives forward which results in a wasted effort.

A Floyd Rose will install once you get it set right. First off, take out the two screws holding the springs and replace them with the new ones. That is, after you take ou the old Termolo. The old screws aren't long enough. I screwed the new ones in about an 8th of an inch which was a good starting point.

Now take the new termolo and set the knife edges in the post. I didn't feel like drilling so I just used the old posts. Now take a metal butter knife or something and wedge it under the back of the termolo so the termolo can't fall into the termolo hole thingie ;-). The next thing is to attach the springs. I hooked up the loop end first on the middle spring and used a pair of neddle nose vice grips to pull the hook back to the termolo block.

Rinse and repeat for the other springs and then put your stings back on.

Don't take out the knife or whatever you used and don't worry about getting the stings exactly in tune, just tighten them up to that ear tuned point. Once you tighten your stings down take your wammy bar to dive down and get the knife out and let go slowly. Your termolo should be parallel with the body of the guitar. If your termolo is raised up in the back you need to tighten those two screw (i.e. screw them in) and vice verse for the termolo setting back too much.

Once you get the basics of this, it really is easy as pie