How does the pit feel in the moments leading up to a shift?
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How does the pit feel in the moments leading up to a shift?

I can't eat

I can eat fine during work, or after work, But if I eat before hand I'll feel sick

Probably because some horrible and repressed mental anguish or something but idk
It's over simplified, So what!

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Doesn't bother me. I rather enjoy my job.
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Sucks getting out of bed so early and knowing I'll have to spend 8 hours there, but once I'm there I have no problem with it.
I once worked as a general contractor, before I school started back up and I had to resign.

In the moments leading up to work? Exciting. Happy. It was honestly some of the most fun I've had in a while, especially before a demolition day.
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My shift starts at 3pm so I'm usually ready to get going and get stuff done.
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Sucks getting out of bed so early and knowing I'll have to spend 8 hours there, but once I'm there I have no problem with it.

This, usually. Except replace 8 with 12.

Except there are also alot of days where it just sucks in general.
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when I first started I felt nauseous because it was scary being around so many people I didn't know. now I'm happy because I'm thinking "yay I get to see all my friends again"
Gotta do what I gotta do. Not many bad feelings associated with it, but I do prepare myself for how busy we'll be.
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Like shit. Like all my life is sucked out of me. The recovery process takes my whole shift. Once I'm off and technically on my own time I feel fine, and actually end up working a little longer cuz I like knowing i can leave anytime I want.
Some of you guys are lucky, I absolutely ****ing hate my job with a passion and it fills me with an immense sense of dread in the morning leading up to my shift.
Just annoyed that I have to wake up at 7 to be there for 9.

(I never wake up at 7)

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shitty, but excited. like after 3 cups of coffee and a joint. overloaded with energy, a little paranoid while still maintaining optimism. an actor must feel like this before he goes on stage before his peers. the same way i feel before performing each show, every Tuesday night. why is it, when you kill a man in the heat of battle, its called murder? yet, if you kill a man in the heat of passion, its called murder. nothing crazy had ever happened to me before that night...

wait, what was i talking about?
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I work flexi-time. As long as I do my weekly hours (and then some, usually), I can work whenever I want. The only proviso is that I'm in the office between 10-12 in the morning, and 2-4 in the afternoon. Other than that, I could theoretically work my weeks hours in 4 days and have Friday off for free.

Never happens though
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