Hey UG, our school announced a talent show coming up and auditions are in about 3 weeks. The problem is that I'm having trouble choosing a song to play. I play mostly metal and a little bit of jazz and rock, but I'm looking for a accessible songs that are not over the top in technicality, and within 3-6 minute range. I'm really pushing towards dynamics, and not so much technicality. I'm thinking my best bet would probably to go with something a little more progressive, like changes in time signatures and tempo, and a little something technical. I don't want to bore the crowd with technicality, or underwhelm them with a normal structured song. Thanks for any suggestions!
Depends what you consider technical really. I'd say go for this though..


Sure it's a 12 minute song but there is A LOT of room for improvising and you can definitely shorten it. Also if you don't suck too much then everyone will think you're amazing if you pull that song off.
^ never heard of him, awesome song though.

And here I thought I was a badass when I played Plush by STP in the 11th grade talent show
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