I've always owned combos, but recently came into a half stack in trade. Not knowing any better due to ignorance, I was using instrument cables from the amp to the cab. No damage was done, and my folly was pointed out.

I looked through all of my various 1/4" cables, and I found one labeled "audio cable."
Is this safe to use? Or, is "audio cable" synonymous with "speaker cable?"

If it's a speaker cable it will say "speaker cable." Audio cable usually means instrument cable.
I've normally made speaker cables out of mains extension cables.
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For bedroom volumes you may get away with instrument cable but as you raise the volume more power gets transferred and the thin-ass wire inside the cable starts to resist and heat up. This can result in disaster. Do not do it!

Speaker cables should be well labeled. Audio cable tells me its meant for instruments and microphones but I may be wrong.

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