Hey UG, been a while since I've posted anything here figured I should try and start getting active again. Here's a work in progress song that's slightly different from the previous stuff- more mainstream/vocal oriented (think darkest hour/as i lay dying/BMFV i guess) but actually with some minor solo stuff.

It's almost done but I'm stuck on a few transitions and a lot of key parts. Since I play synths and piano I normally write all the key parts first and then the songs, but this one was different and I'm sort of at a loss for what sort of synths would work in the majority of the song. Some days I really like a rhodes piano sound and the next I'm in full anthem trance mode (as you can see from the keys that are in there now).

Any thoughts/ideas appreciated, or just general song impressions. let me know if there is something I can c4c.
Cicero's Hand v3.gp5
Cicero's Hand v3.gp4
Kurzweil K2500xs
Heey there,

The song sounds solid, i liked it.
I really like the main riff and the heavy riff that starts at bar 73.

Here i have attached a little thought (gp5 file) on the drum & bass break.
I also tuned the bass to drop C to make it easier for myself :P

I hope you can use it in some way.
drum and bass break cicero.gp5
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Riffs are well written, and transitions are smooth. keys are used very effectively (it shows that your a key player before a guitar player). The song has an issue grabbing me (partly just because this isn't my style. I think the sounds of the bands you've mentioned have been long overdone.), largely because the guitars don't explore enough idea. Each guitar riff is good, but it's really just a collection of pedal point riffs seemingly trying to hide the fact that it's really a three chord song. That might be the sound that you're going for, in which case don't mind me, but with all of the crazy experimental prog music in this forum it really highlights where simpler songs are lacking in exploration and dynamics.
Hi, nice song.

I think the start is a bit abrupt and some kind of build up to the main rhythm would be nice.

The verses are pretty nice, the build up to the chorus is also well done and chorus is really good, love the chords and the synths.

Even though I don't usually listen to this genre I enjoyed it.