hey guys,

Does anyone know how i can strum without a pick? I am having troubles finding a way to strum without a pick. Or does anyone have a video or link which demonstrates how to?

use your index and thumb.. angle your index in a way so your nail hits the string going down, and angle your thumb in a way so your nail hits it going up. It's nothing overly complicated really. When i learned it I didn't use any advice or video's or anything, I just picked it up naturally. It's really not that hard.
There are actually quite a lot of methods. Way back when I started playing in the mid-70s, I had a book out of the library on different strumming techniques....Many derived from various styles of Latin playing.
I generally use a variation of banjo-style "frailing"... The so-called "bum-ditty" sound. middle finger strikes a single note with a downstroke, the rest of the fingers recoil to strum the chord, and the thumb takes care of the alternating bass.
This can produce a very busy, "full" sound not dissimilar to conventional flatpicking.

There are all sorts of Latin techniques; the rasquedo-style strumming can be applied to lots of stuff outside the Latin genre.
I do it like vayne92. It is nearly the same as with a pick, you just need some practice and it should work