With all the sales this time of year there are some pretty decent deals floating around. Having said that, I am not really looking for a new guitar, but you all know about GAS, especially this time of year. These two guitars can be had for about the same price ($350-400), give or take a few bucks. That being said, I like blues and classic rock. I would like to get some overall (quality, tone, etc...) comments regarding these two guitars before I go down and try them this weekend. I would surely like objective opinions and would hope to keep things civil. Thanks for your help.
All the SEs I've played have felt like better quality instruments than similar priced Epis in my hands. Hardware, knobs all feel good and sturdy. More stable QC. Epis can be all over the place in quality, and their hardware/knob QC has a shit track record.

Anything beyond that falls into the subjective realm I think.

EDIT: I should note I've never played a 245, just Singlecuts and Customs and Toreros. I would expect it to all be about the same though, given my experiences with what I have played.
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I've played a 245, custom 24 and own a custom hollowbody and these are some of the best budget guitars I've played, it beats every LP I've owned bar my Gibson, but there's a $1000 price difference.
They've got a great sound to them and they feel great to play too.
The PRS is the better guitar
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i agree. i had an epi les paul custom and i would most definitely take a PSE SE of any sorts over just about any epiphone.
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This would one of those clear cut cases where pretty much everyone would agree that the PRS SE is a higher quality guitar.

The PRS SE 245 sells for twice as much as the Epiphone Les Paul Standard in Europe and most of the world by the way.
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Sweetwater was offering the SE 245 for $399. I know that normally they would be $619-649.
Quote by miketar
Sweetwater was offering the SE 245 for $399. .

you should have bought one.
Greg-Still can through GC, that is why the questions. Have to make up my mind today though. Looking for the LP sound and can get a Tremonti or the 245 for the same price, so that is why I also started the thread on the "PRS tone" that you weighed in on.
Guys thanks for your valued info and opinions. Just got back from GC and will be receiving my new PRS SE 245 in Tobacco Sunburst sometime this week. Price out the door was $399. As someone fairly new to the guitar world I am very excited about my first new guitar. It will compliment my MIM Strat, that I bought used earlier this year, very nicely I believe.
it should.

the 245 is a straight up les paul clone of sorts. nice guitars for sure.