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Wrote a deathcore tune (you can check it out on youtube) a couple of weeks ago, with the below lyrics. A friend of mine, who is no friend of deathcore or other extreme types of metal, have a rather strong opinion on the lyrical themes of these genres.

I thought I could change his mind with this song, but after having presented it to him he simply said: 'See, this is exactly what I mean! It's always all about how we are all f***ed and bound for hell!'

How strange, I thought, that you can perceive of things so differently!

What is your take on this?

Art of Falling

The Art of Falling

Never feed the energy the black entropic mass
Remember where you came from and who’s head is up the ass
A silent kill in solitude and corpses on the ground
Celebrate the goddess and present Her with the crown

Why lie, what do you stand to loose
Why lie, neck already in the noose
Why lie, a vortex is surrounding you
Why lie, never hoped to pull it through

Now, none will ever get to you
Now, unity ’s been ripped in two

Chaos will regain its strength as ecstasy will fade
But only temporarily ‘cos songs remain the same
Dig into the rotting dirt, to find a stone of jade
A vision shalt be clear to thee, freed of all the shame

just Fall

© 2013 Kha
Well, both yes and no. However, the genre suggest that it is about death in general. But one shouldn't be afraid to write about anything at all, as long as you manage for it to fit into the music. You can sing about an abstract bird if you so wish. Yes your lyrics might lean onto that. But you got some cool lines here and there that could lead into multiple interpretations.

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Well, you're kind of proving your friend's point with this. I don't get how a doom-and-gloom song is going to prove deathcore isn't all doom-and-gloom. And a lot of it is. Technical deathcore has a lot of songs about space and science 'n shit (see: The Faceless) or enlightenment and self-exploration (Born Of Osiris), so you could try that instead.

Anyway, this song: the lyrics aren't bad, especially for deathcore. Going for some self-contradiction with "unity's been ripped in two" was smart, but the message might be too obvious (which is something a lot of new writers have a problem with, me included). Most metal bands (especially deathcore) don't rhyme every line, too, and trying to rhyme every line can sap energy from the structure by making it too predictable. Same for the meter.

And the music: if you're going to use a drum machine, it's a good idea to at least try to make it sound human. That means no 300BPM kick rolls, unless you can tremolo pick that fast.
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Thanks for reviewing and listening, much appreciated!
Just an amateure who loves metal (and tremolo picking really really really fast)!
Deathcore does happen to mostly be of death usually. It's in the name. The CORE of the music is about DEATH. However, I know there are some bands, that do deathcore with very good lyrics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zj2uZO7xnus

That song is about being different in a world that is corrupt, I mean sometimes it can be different, but most of the time it is about death.
Thanks for commenting; I am fine with deathcore being all about death (to be what it is, as you said). My only point is that on the surface, death will appear as a catastrophe. To the ego, it is. To be a bit more blunt, if you got your head up your ass. But if you take the larger view, it is as "good" and necessary as the "miracle of birth", in fact is a precondition to it. The grand price of creation and love, in a way, that unity should be ripped in two.
Thanks again and stay metal!