Hi , I am looking to get a guitar this christmas season and was looking for some suggestions.
Budget: Under 700$
New or used: New sadly because my parents are getting it as a gift and dont want to buy a used instrument
Tone looking for: Im looking for something with a slightly more modern edge to it that can play metal , hard rock etc
PLayers I admire: mark tremonti ,slash, santana john mayer and other.
Current gear: A traynor ycs90 tube amp that tone wise isd simlar to a jcm2000. I have one hotrodded strat that i love as my everything guitar(tonezone bridge with single coils neck and mid) and an epiphone les paul goldtop that ive upgraded with gibson pups ( 57's)
Location: Toronto Canada
Final notes: I want something edgier looking and sounding than what I have currently. I have my les paul set up as a reissue and is basically great from jazz to classic rock but isnt voiced for metal, My strat can really do any genre with the tone zone but i want something edgier look wise. I have thought about the following guitars:
Gibson lps or sgj and prs se 24 or single cut
Any recommendations or comments would be much appreciated
If you are looking for metal and edgy i would look into an Esp Ltd eclipse. They are ltd's les paul clone and typicly come stock with emg's. You can get a good one relativley cheaply new. I love my ltd ec1000 for metal. The only dowmside is its hard to get a good clean sound out of most emg's
seems like one of the esp singlecuts can be had for around 400$ with passives (not a fan of emg's) and then i could put in some dimarzios or duncans but im not sure about the build quality of esp over the prs se series