Good evening, folks.

As the title suggests, I'm a late beginner. I'm acquiring my gear over the next couple of weeks and will start lessons just after Christmas. Amps arrived yesterday....guitars will be here next week.

I'm a fan of AC/DC, Metallica, Megadeth, Maiden, ZZ Top, SRV and others.

I could use some insight from experienced players.

I see tons of songs I like with tutorials on YouTube. I was hoping that you cold point me in the right direction on some of the easier rock & metal tunes that you've learned.

I want to get started yesterday.
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Almost anything from AC/DC is pretty easy (except the solos). You just need to know the basic chords and power chords and you can play almost any AC/DC song.

When I started, I played my favorite Metallica songs (back then it was Metallica or GTFO, lol). Their riffs are pretty easy to play. Again, solos are a different thing but that applies to almost any band.

Just learn your favorite songs. The rhythm parts aren't usually that complicated. Remember to also use your ears - don't only rely on tabs. AC/DC songs aren't that hard to learn by ear. I learned many Metallica riffs by ear.
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I'd say The Trooper might be a good one to learn. It was among the first songs I learned. It'll provide great exercises for galloping and hammer-ons/pull-offs. The solos might be good to learn too; they aren't too hard, but are enough of a meaty challenge to be very satisfying to learn.
Would agree with AC/DC, also a couple really easy ones to get you going - all right now by free, use somebody by kings of lean is straight forward and all that I have by snow patrol,

Plus see if you can get yourself learning power chords ASAP, as that will get you going fairly quickly.

Just remember, put in the practice regularly and you'll get there (no practice = no progress)
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Almost anything from AC/DC is pretty easy (except the solos). You just need to know the basic chords and power chords one AC/DC song and you can play almost any AC/DC song.


Seriously, though, agreed. AC/DC is probably the easiest out of the ones mentioned (excepting solos, as you said).

SRV, even the rhythm playing, is really, really difficult. I'd maybe give that one a miss for the time being, anyway (though I'm sure some are easier than others, proguitarshop had a lesson for tightrope recently and it doesn't look too bad, compared to say texas flood or something like that).
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