Found a guy selling off a 1988 american strat with Vintage noiseless pups, and a mesa blue angel head and 4x10 cab for $1300. I'm going to check it all out tomorrow. He was selling everything individually that came out to about $1700, but I threw out a lower number for everything and he came back at $1300.

It'll be my first strat, I'm really excited for that. I'm pretty determined to get that even if the amp is a flop for me. But I've heard great things about the Blue Angel and its right down my tonal alley with blues rock, can't wait to try it out myself.
Well I bit, fantastic combination. The guitar is in remarkable condition and the action is soooo low just the the normal wear and tear from a 25 year old guitar. The amp sounds really thick to my ears. Much more full than the twins and super reverbs I was looking at getting.