I am two thousand years tall
Dense, Craterfooting
Sensitive to
Wavelength shifts and
pressure gradients that
waft my leg hairs and
I often gaze downward
to see how far
above the mountain
ranges my spit can fall
before I
suck it up.

My toe cracks are
tectonic events,
my shoulder shrugs cause
elliptical drift and I look
upward and know that
I probably still won't.

Reach them, I mean.
I sure do think about them a lot.
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Those first few lines (barring the very first) were a bit jarring, but everything else is top notch. The apposite shift of the up/down perspective was subtle enough for me to miss it first time and laugh the second time when I noticed it (apposite indeed, if my interpretation is correct). Very good.
Levihemoth. Awesome.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
this is somehow both fun and grave, a difficult thing to pull off; congrats and keep writing.
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