Named for a man
With the name of a man
That no one has met

Flew to the ceiling
And I’m on my way back
But nobody saw it

Come bearing parachutes
And the rest of a net
Thanks for trying, but I don’t need it

If I broke then
They’d miss something
But I can’t name it

And I'm still my own favorite child
And I can do anything
And I'll do anything for a smile
Unless it's something you need

The sun runs somewhere
I've got to see it
He can’t answer ‘cause I won’t ask

Pack my bags and
Change my address,
Call me a cowboy and point me West

But if I’m only
On the Earth yet
I’m not all that far away

And if I’m only
Slightly blinded
I’ll see where I should stay


So **** those dreams
I'll sleep like corkscrews
If it means I'll get home faster

So rein me in and
Hold my hand while
I go write my next disaster
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