I am trying to get an midi interface to plug my keyboard and my bass guitar into my computer. I was wondering if I would need to plug my bass through an amp head and then into the MIDI interface, or if simply straight into the interface would be enough?

Also any advice on a MIDI interface to buy would be much appreciated; got about US $100

Thanks for reading and for any advice.
MIDI isn't sound, it's data. Are you looking for an instrument to midi converter? There are a few that plug into your guitar or bass, but the results aren't that great.

Or are you looking for an interface you can plug a keyboard/microphone/guitar/etc into?
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Yeah, methinks that you don't know what MIDI actually is. If you record MIDI data off the keyboard into a sequencer then it fires sounds associated with that sequence. That can be vst/synth modules in the computer or back out to fire the keyboard but no sound is actually recorded on the computer per se with MIDI, just data.
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ok. how do i plug my guitar directly into my computer then is my question. I thought u plug it into a MIDI interface then into computer but i dont really know.

I'm trying to record music onto my computer using my bass guitar, a normal guitar, and a keyboard.
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