Does anyone know of speakers that can connect to eachother through the house? I want to like play my ipod and have all speakers play the same music throughout the whole house. Is there anyway to do so without wiring the speakers through the house? I think I found one thing similar, but each speaker was likw $150+ dollars. If anyone knows anything that'd be awesome as I've beeen looking for something like this for awhile.
Bluetooth adapters?

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Hmmm, don't want to spend much? You'll need:

-5.1 speaker system
-a shitton of wire
-wire clipper/stripper
-a soldering iron

Clip and strip cables between speakers. Solder to lengths of wire. Place speakers in different rooms. Set audio source to mono.

Yeah, uh, just make sure you get the right wires together and this will definitely work with maximum fidelity and not being a safety hazard at all.