This is my first time sharing any lyrics so just be honest


billy don't know what hell do today
maybe hell run maybe hell play
billy billy billy boy
put it down it aint a toy
billy billy billy son
calm your nerves put down that gun

billy was just a normal lad
he wasnt good but he aint bad
he just coudnt take the little boys
stealing his money and breaking his toys
billy was just a normal kid
he wasnt ugly but ugly he did
When he took his daddy toy
and took the lives of little boys


billy was a tired of the laughs
the bruises and his arms and calves
billy was just a tired of the scorn
and now the whole ****ing town mourns
but it aint a billys fault
everyone saw but no one put a halt
they filled his life with hurt and shame
now hes painted the wall with their brains


billy boy billy dont ya see
momma momma hes gone crazy
help me save me third grade teacher
billys gone insane mr preacher
help me save me lordy lord
the pen is mightier than the sword
unless the sword cuts off both hands
angel of death points to unhallowed land

the smell of smoke and heavy breath
vomit blood inhale death

Actually i only use four basic barre chords. The bridge is tremolo picking but its basically just the base notes of the chords. The song is in kind of a hard punk kinda way though.