Hello, I'm new here. Looking forward to chatting with people about guitars again.

I'm having noise issues with a couple of pedals:
Putting my Boss TU-2 at the start of a chain powered by the Diago powerstation seems to cause alot of noise from other pedals when daisy chained together. From reviews I've read, most people don't have problems with that powerstation.

The pedal is quite a few years old & hasn't been well looked after (spent a fair few years in a garage).

I'm going to try using it at the end of the chain and see if that helps in the meantime. I'm also thinking maybe just ditch it & get a polytune. Any other suggestions that might help?

I'm also noticing an undulating noise from an mxr super comp I just picked up second-hand. I haven't tried running that on batteries yet, but is that likely to be a power/daisy chain issue as well?

My guitar is quite noisy (Telecaster with Bareknuckle Piledriver in the bridge & play high-gain), but with a noise gate my effects run silently without the tuner. It's quite frustrating.