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So, here is the deal. I already have been looking for a new guitar for my "collection". Is not really a collection, I usually have 3 guitars. Currently I have two , my old a trusty Fender Strat (10 years with me), my go to Music Man JP6 (2 years with me and have became my main guitar for gig, recording and rehearsing). The 3rd have been rotating quite rapidly from schecters, to PRS SE to epiphones. So here is the deal...

I am looking for a new guitar, and I've been very picky about it. Let me tell you what I am looking for and kind of what I like, maybe you guys can help me ...


Body Wood: Mahogany or Korina (i have an alder and a basswood guitars, I want something with a darker tone). I do have some back problems so, if the guitar was chambered, semi hollow, or lightweight (without been crappy) it would be greatly appreciated.

Neck Wood: Mahogany, maple or what ever as long as it is made of good timber.

Shape: Kind of want a singcut guitar, or GS-ish guitar (last resort).

Frets: preferably 24.

Electronics: Pasive HH, 1 Vol, 1 Tone, 3 way switch (nothing fancy).

Bridge: Fixed or vintange tremolo (please, no Floyd Rose or similar)

Others: I am VERY pick about details like frets and how they feel, neck finish, nuts, etc

Budget: In US$: from 1000 to 1500 (I might be able to go up 1800)

SO! Can you guys help me find my new gal?
A PRS maybe? I've got no idea on PRS's specs however, they just seem to get Rec'd a lot.
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What music do you plan to play with it? What's your gear? I suggest checking out some of Ibanez' superstrats, especially the S-Series since they are very lightweight.
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I mainly play progressive rock and jazz. I think all ibanez superstrats come with floating tremolos, I'm looking for something with a hard tail bridge
A used PRS CE 24 fits most of you needs. It excels at the fine quality, and the fitnfinish part. If you can get your hands on one to try out do it.

I see them here in Texas used for 1k and up, depending on how fancy the tops and inlays are.

Good luck and have fun!
Go to Carvin....you can make all your specs exactly what you have in your post easily for less than 1500.

A truly "custom" guitar for around 1000.00

Plus it's USA made, not "eastern"...etc, etc.