Hi all,

I need help identifying and possibly pricing a guitar that I have. Below is what I know about the guitar, and some pictures. Thank you anyone for helping.

- Jackson "Professional" Randy Rhodes "V" style guitar.
- Possibly purchased in the mid 1990's.
- Pick Ups are stamped with DUNCAN DESIGNED on the (2) pick ups
- Bridge is stamped with "Licensed under Floyd Rose Pats."
- 22 frets. Maple neck with some kind of ivory looking inlays every few frets.
- Custom case for this model type

Thanks for the help.

PS: I tired to upload pictures but the d**chbag servers have such limitations on file size and format you would not be able to see them by the time i compressed them down small enough. Message me and I'll send you the pictures.
just sign up to photobucket (or similar) and host the photos there, then you can post them here.

the jackson/charvel forum (jcf) might be a better place to get answers, though.
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Without photo's it sounds like an RR3 to me.
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Looking at the archived catalogues on Jackson's website, seems like an RR3 bought in '96. Fits the description you gave perfectly.
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