I was thinking of buying myself a new electric guitar since the only one I have is a Squier Strat (it plays well, don't get me wrong, but I have wanted something that is a full-on Fender and not a Squier). I really have been eyeing the Jazzmaster for a while, but the Telecaster also looks like a good guitar. I have never played either model so I might go to guitar center and try them out. I am probably more comfortable as a rhythm guitarist (though I practice/play lead too, of course), and I have heard that these are good rhythm guitars.

Which one would you recommend? Is one easier to play than the other? Or would you recommend another Fender brand? The Mustang looks good as well.
It's clear you're looking to upgrade your guitar.

First, what is your budget? New only, or willing to go used? And where do you live (it affects availability)? What kind of stuff do you want to play?

Also, Is there something specific about your Squier that you don't like that you think will be different on a Fender? Depending on what your issues are, it may be time to consider different brands entirely.

After you can answer all of that, you'll get more and better quality responses.
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I have a telecaster and love it, sounds great and feels great albeit not like a Strat. The Jazzmaster has a very similar neck to strats, I think it's actually the same shape/profile.

You can't go wrong with either guitar though.