Hi guys,

I come here looking for some advice. I am looking into buying a new amp in +/- 2 months time. The sound I would like to achieve is something close to Cult of Luna/Callisto. I could probably shell out around 1200$ which is not that bad but there are few factors either limiting my choice or just making me confused.

- I am from Poland so do not have access to a lot of brands (no Sunns or Sovteks for me)
- I do not own a cab at the moment, can use one at the place where I have my band practice though, so I was thinking of spending as much as I can on a good amp and trying to save up for a cab later
- not sure if I want a head+cab or a combo. Some combos look like a great deal to me when considering price/quality, but can they do a big sound I am looking for?

Some amps I was considering, without making head/combo distinction:
Orange TH30, Laney GH50L or GH100L, Vox AC30.

Also, currently I use Gibson Les Paul Standard Plus through Ashdown Fallen Angel 60 head with some shitty Marshall cab (probably MG or something equally horrible, never bothered to check). I am not entirely pleased with this Ashdown, it is just too muddy.

Would appreciate any help!
Just curious, do you have a way to play the Ashdown through a different cab? You may still want a new amp, but you can't underestimate how badly a shitty cab can mess up your tone. Just something to think on, you may not need an upgrade at all.
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Hi, thanks for the advice. I will definitely need to look into that, however there is not a lot of information to be found as to what cabs would make a good match for this Ashdown head. I think I could get my hands on a 412 Orange cab to try out but I am not sure if I ever wanted to buy one, they are outrageously expensive.
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Orange TH30, Laney GH50L

Sounds like you are on the right track.

What exactly is the post metal guitar tone? More sludgy than typical high gain?
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I don't know what 'post metal' is but I think you can rule out the Vox. Can you find used gear around you? A Laney GH50L and a 212 cab is what I'd go for. Of a VH100 or VH50-if they make that.

Sometimes, but very high gain stuff like Mesa or 5150 usually, stuff I mentioned is harder to come by. I think I saw GH500L used for around 600$.

What exactly is the post metal guitar tone? More sludgy than typical high gain?

Yes, less tight, more crunch than brutal. Deep and warm sound but not that much gain.

I am also not really looking for really really sludgy tone, like tons of grainy fuzz, I would prefer something in between.

Those Orange amps seem to really do the job but they are also the most expensive