I recently got a new guitar with EMG81/85's in it and I'm liking it a lot. I use that one for thrash, but I want to use my old one for some melodic death metal and deathcore. It's a jackson JS32T Rhoads with these specs:
Body Style: Rhoads
Neck: Bolt-on maple
Fingerboard: Rosewood, compound radius
Body: Cedro
Frets: 24 Jumbo
Inlays: Shark Fin
Headstock: Regular Jackson
Pickups: 2 Jackson high-output covered Humbuckers
Hardware: Chrome
Bridge: Fixed (adjustable) with strings-through-body
Gig Bag: Jackson Gig Bag Included
The thing is the guitar tends to get very muddy at these low tunings, chords sounds really bad... So I was thinking of changing the pickups. I'd prefer passives so they can easily be fit into the body. I'm looking for something that can handle the low tunings (C standard and drop A) well. One specific set that caught my eye was the Seymour Duncan Black Winter. Anyone has an idea if these would give a significant upgrade? Other suggestions are more than welcome. I'd like not to pay more than €200/$270/166£. Thanks in advance
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What amp do you have?

I'm going to guess that you have the guitar set up properly for for the low tunings since you're talking about C and drop A, but it never hurts to ask. Do you have appropriate gauge strings for those tunings?

As for actual pickup recommendations, I'm not much help there. I don't have experience with high end pickups except for the Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz set and the EMG 85/81 set. I've had the JB/Jazz set in drop b (possibly drop a# too, I can't remember) before and it sounded good.

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Yes, I have a pair of 12's on it (Not even slinky's) and they feel perfect for those tunings. Intonation and action etc are okay aswell.
I use VST amps on my computer. The amps sounds terrific on a 7-string with emg 81-7s (edit: that's the guitar a friend of mine uses, it's not mine), but my I can't seem to get a very clear sound out of my rhoads. I'll have a look at the JB and Jazz, they seem quite nice aswell ;-)
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Dimarzio D sonic. IMO one of the greatest pickup for tuning under C
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Seymour Duncan released a pickup called the Black Winter. You might like those
Or a Distortion. I know Ola Englund digs those. He's usually pretty spot on with gear.
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I have the black winters I'm my Gibson studio
very versatile and clean up with vol roll rather
well I like them and play alternative to metal.
yeah, that's what I asked about in the original post thanks a lot for the recommendation, I'm pretty sure I'll go for the Black Winters
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yeah, that's what I asked about in the original post thanks a lot for the recommendation, I'm pretty sure I'll go for the Black Winters

Let us know what you think if/when you get it. I'm curious to hear more opinions on it. Might pick one up and chuck it in one of my guitars at some point.
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I can tell you in my studio the black winters
are very articulate even with high gain. Now
as for drop tunings I can't comment much as
I play in standard drop d and half step down.
I get good cleans with volume roll off and they
breath fire with some gain involved and I run my
gain at 4 to 5 max out of 10 on my ultra. I had a
buddy chicken pickin country then riffing some
metal all with the flip of a switch good pickups
not just for metal either.
if u like the emg's you already have, they work wonders on low tunings keeping output pretty even and avoiding mudd. otherwise it sounds like your set on Black Winters
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DiMarzio D Activators are dirt cheap and will do the job.
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