Ok, here's my situation...

My band recently created click tracks for all of our songs for our drummer to play to live. We also have a second backing track that we have to play with live. What I'm wondering is, is there an ap on the ap store (I have an iPad) that would allow me to have separate volume controls for the left and right parts of a track?

We already have the mixes separated in logic, with the click track panned all the way left and the back track is panned all the way right. I just want to have volume control over the two tracks so that if the drummer needs his click track louder we can turn it up (a.k.a. turning up volume of the left side of the mix only) and if the guy running the house speakers needs our backing tracks turned up (a.k.a. turning up the volume of the right side of the mix only) we can do that without just turning up both of the tracks in general.

Anyone know of any aps that allow this? Basically all we would need is just a music player ap that has a real mixer in it that allows for stereo volume control. I've searched google already and can't come up with anything... any advice?
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I'd imagine GarageBand should be able to do that. I don't think you'll get a media player with separate channel volume control. It might have a balance setting, but i don't think that's what you're looking for.

Another option I can think of is some sort of hardware solution, stereo amp with separate channel volume or a small mix (this would probably be more expensive than the ~$5 for garageband)

edit: technically you wouldn't need an amp, maybe just some simple circuit to lower the volume with a pot. Then just turn the volume all the way up on ur ipad and use the HW volume control to bring it down to whatever level you'd need. If done right, i suppose even the sound quality shouldn't suffer
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