Hey all,

Need some help determining what board would fit my needs. I'm not a gear head at all so any help you can give would be appreciated. Looking for:

1) a good number of presets that preferably could be cycled by an external MIDI controller
2) a USB out for recording purposes
3) a really great delay and overdrive (these are what I use most)

Again, not a gear guy so would love some direction. Thanks!
What's your budget?

There is no one unit I know of that has all of those things. Multi-effects generally have fair-to-middling overdrive/distortions, and even good OD units don't usually translate well when you plug them straight into a computer for recording.

I think the closest you're likely to get would be a POD or floor POD, maybe the rackmount POD or an Axe-Fx unit if you're looking for a serious recording/ampless setup.
No budget per se, though obviously the cheaper the better. I had been looking at the Line 6 Pod HD500x as my front runner thus far.
I agree with what was said above about the overdrives. I haven't been too impressed with any modeling overdrives.

How would you be using this setup? With an amp, straight into a PA, home/studio use?

There's a lot of options so without knowing a little more specific info about how you want to use the gear, its hard to make a good recommendation.

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Straight to PA for live performance is first priority with home recording being second.