So I've been wanting an acoustic-electric for a couple months now and I've narrowed down to three guitars. Number one the yamaha apx-500ii with a spruce top, nato sides, rosewood fingerboard, and an onboard tuner. Number two the epiphone hummingbird with again a spruce top, mahogany sides, rosewood fingerboard, and of course this is just a normal acoustic. Last but not least the Schecter SGR SA-1 with yet another spruce top, maple sides and back, and on a tuner with the preamp system. I've played these guitars and have liked them all but wanted to know what other peoples experiences were with them.
I had one of the Yamaha APX500s a few years back, when they first came out. That was the laminate version. I bought it mostly because of the small body-size, I was having shoulder issues.
It was not a bad little guitar. Acoustic sound was not stellar, but it was pretty credible. Played through an amp the Yamaha electronics were very good.
The guitar had a very "slick" neck, very easy to play and if you're an electric player you'd feel pretty much at home.
I think the one you're looking at has the solid top now, so the acoustic sound may be better.

I'd go for whatever felt good and had the best acoustic response.... You can pretty much configure the amplified sound as you like.