They're a lot of fun depending on the sound you want. They're absolute must-haves for slide players. They're not as tinny as Telecasters while still being thin. The necks are pretty shit, which is probably why they're for slide players.
This guitar has been sold already. It was a good price, too. Oh well.. Maybe another will come up soon at a decent price.
Those DC Danelectros are pretty common. Keep an eye on your local craigslist and maybe the guitar center used website. Another one will turn up. Sometimes you can find one that somebody has done serious mods to. I would try to go for one of those, seeing as how Danos are just cheapo instruments in general. The people I've spoken to who love Danelectros tend to say that they love the sound, but the build quality is iffy. So a lot of them do serious mods. Mods which don't increase the price you'd pay for the guitar.