I know there are several threads here about which amp to buy, so I'll try to keep it short.
My band broke up , so I'm selling my Orange PPC412 and Orange RV MKI 50.
It's to much for me to carry from place to place, because I jam at regular base with different people.
I'm looking for a combo amp with the money I can get for the rockerverb and cab.
It needs to be quite versatile , but most important I want to get the tones out like Joyce Manor, Gnarwolves, Bangers, Touche Amore, Fidlar, ... the dirty tones, but actually not so dirty ( that makes probably no sense at alll as an explanation?! )

The combo needs to be loud enough to play in a band , but also I would like to play it on low volumes at home ( I know the sound will suck at lower volumes, but that doesn't matter )

Oh , and I'm loving the Fender combo amps , just don't know the differences between them.
Been playing for 7 years now, and never tried a Fender combo.
Deville , hotrod , super reverb , twin reverb , ... ? I know several punkrock bands play them, but I can't find info about the models. Otherwise I could already start searching shops and try those out to narrow it down.

Thanks in advance,
In order to play Punk, you'd need to boost and/or crank most of the Fenders a lot.
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DSL401, though if your budget allows it I'd go for the Blackstar stage 60 since it has resonance and presence, also has a more versatile footswitch.
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Not looking into the Marshalls again , had some before , great amps. But it didn't suit me to well.
and I am aware most of the bands I described are punk bands , still their sound is hardly to call "punk"

Anyone more input on the fender amp ?
And thank you Steve, I will take a look at the Blackstar amps.