Hello everyone. Since Christmas is around the corner, I'm looking for a new guitar. I was wondering if you guys could help me choose one or recommend one.

Shape: LP, (Super)strat, SG
Colour: A burst finish would be nice
Bridge: Fender styled two point floating bridge
Pickups: HSH preferably with coil tap
Brand: Xaviere, Uno, Epiphone, Dean, Agile, Charvel, Kramer, EVH Style(not MM)
Neck: Something similar to the ibanez wizard necks. Nothing less than 22 frets.
Artist: Mostly the crazy bands of the 80's (EVH, Bon Jovi, GN"R, ACDC)
Location: South East Asia. Not Important, I'm buying online.
Budget:Highest I can possibly go is $670-700

These guitars are on my watchlist:

Dean Razorback


Xaviere XV880

Xaviere XV 510

Xaviere XV300

Agile AL-2000

Please don't recommend the LP Studio. It's a good guitar and all but I don't like it at all. Thanks.
Yeah I don't know man it's hard because your to picky and I don't like any of those guitars xD.

If I rec'd anything I'd say check out the fender blacktop series they come with coil tapped humbuckers and 22 frets, And check out the lower end gibsons they are in your range.
song stuck in my head today

Out of your watchlist the Agile is only thing I'd buy, idk about Xaviere and OLP but I'm not too convinced. I wouldn't touch the dean with an 18 foot pole.

Also the blacktop sublime recced is a great guitar, it's versatile and good for the money.
you need to look at Sterling guitars (Music Mans import line) they have most of the features you mentioned.