My writing technique is really "strange". I hear this voice in my head. It's like "alter ego". I can hear my own thoughts when I'm concentrated enough. Sometimes I think I'm just paranoid. I love my "alter ego",He really helps me with songwriting and writing music. I also write sometimes very similar lines of some bands,for exampe:

Blink 182 - "I took my time, I hurried up, The choice was mine, I didn't think enough."
Nirvana - "Take your time, hurry up, the choice is yours, don't be late."

I'm really new at this,and I've written 8 songs in that way,and I have about 5-6 songs in progress. But I don't have inspiration in last few weeks,and I really don't know how I'll finish my songs.

So,what is your writing technique? Do you just walk through city and waiting for inspiration to hit you,or you just force yourself to write music?
I dont think you should ever force yourself to write unless its your job. Anything forced cant be as pure and good as music can be if it comes from a place you want to be at, like inspiration or just what you feel you have to say

Just my 2 cents worth
I suffer from depression for about 6 years now,I suffer a lot. My psychiatrist said that this "alter ego" is "normal" thing after big trauma. So,it's normal for some people.
I'm looking for "songwriter buddy",someone who would help me with my songs,and in return,I can help him with his/her songs. So,if anyone is interested in,send me a message,or post here in topic.