Okay, so, i'm having a bit of trouble with transitioning from or into a few chords. My main issue is 'bar' chords (F or Bm for example). I can't seem to do it smoothly or quick enough for there not to be a gap in my playing.

Does anybody have any tips on how to improve? Or any easier ways to do it? Which finger to place first etc? I usually go 2 > 3 > 4 > 1(bar). Is that the best way? If so, how do you suggest i make the transition faster/smoother? Am i just to practice practice practice until i get it down?
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No way around it, unfortunately. With enough practice, however, your muscle memory will take over, so you don't have to think about which fingers to place first.
The only tip i can give you is practice isolating the changes that are difficult for you. So just practice going from lets say an open Am chord to an F bar chord.

Do it slowly and well instead of trying to do it fast, that's the way to progress faster. Slowly and accurate is always the way.

Another tip is trying to shape the chord in the air before playing it. So let's say in 4/4 you play Am on 1, don't play anything on beat two but try forming your hand to the shape of the F chord away from the neck, play F on beat 3 and on beat 4 form the Am shape.

Hope that was useful in some way.
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Well, thanks for the help guys! I'll keep practicing slowly, and try what you suggested Sickz.

Thanks again!
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