Something is seriously wrong with either my amp ( Marshall MG30FX ) or my guitar. I have a Les Paul Studio that I bought 3-4 weeks ago and it has two single coil switches on it, both for neck and bridge pickups. Lately I've noticed that whenever I use it to switch from humbucker to single-coil the tone becomes deep, and as I start playing it gets deeper, and sometimes the sound cuts off, completely muted, then suddenly it turns back on, back to normal, then deeper, then mute... Rinse and repeat.

I've also noticed that whenever I play around with my treble controls on my amp, the volume increases dramatically even when I only turn it up just by a notch and my mids sound weak even though I have them all the way up. So I set the treble to like 5 or something, then started playing, as I was playing the volume kept fluctuating.. ( I'm using a BOSS OD-3 Overdrive on the clean channel btw )

Another thing is, when I switch to the overdrive channel on my amp and use my pedal to boost it even higher, high notes sometimes get muted or sound barely audible when I play them. Same thing when setting the wah pedal in a certain position to adjust the tone.

I'm still a newbie, so I have no idea what's going on there. Any feedback would be appreciated.
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I don't really know what exactly is wrong, only feedback I can give is that the Marshall MG is a bad quality amp. Did you buy it new or used? And is the guitar used? It's weird if brand new gear has such problems, but well the MG is a crappy amp.

The coil splitting issue makes more sense if the problem is in the pickups, but Gibsons and Epiphones should have good quality control. And it wouldn't explain the amp problems I think.
The MG is used. It already had problems with the Master volume pot when I bought it, so I had it fixed for me. However the Les Paul is brand new.
Well I'd say that your problem is a bad amp, even a new MG should usually be avoided, not to even mention an used one that's already broken. A piece of friendly advice, you should always incest more money on the amp, as even a bad guitar will sound good through a good amp, as well as a bad amp will make even the best guitars sound like shit.

EDIT: I did not seriously misspell "Invest" as "Incest" oh god.
Yeah by the time I realized that it was too late, cuz I already had that crap amp, lol. Anyway, I seriously hope it isn't because of the guitar. If it is then I'll be seriously disappointed.. It's brand new after all, and I have no idea how to fix it, so I'd probably have to take it to a technician and pay boatloads of money and all that. IDK...
I'm not a techinician, so I can't say for sure but it's probably the amp. Try to play your guitar through some other amp if you can and see if there is still a problem. If everythings fine, the problem is surely with the MG.
Try the amp with a different guitar or the guitar with a different amp. That will tell you if the amp is the problem. If the amp isn't the problem I would be looking for things like bad solder joints or bad pots in the guitar. You may need to take it to a tech for that.
My little old Fender Frontman had a similar problem a few years ago, but where yours gets quieter, I have a static build up, then a pop, then back to normal. It turns out it was the 4 transformer capacitors. As it happens, I didn't bother fixing it and went for an Orange Micro Terror lol
So I tried the guitar on a different amp. A Fender 15G Frontman. The coil-switch problem wasn't present, but there was occasional crackling/buzzing, but I guess that was because of the amp cause it's about 10 months old now plus the crackling didn't happen while using the MG. Anyway, I plugged the MG back in and guess what, no problems with coil tapping. I have no idea what is going on. Though the Treble pot problem is still there.
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I'm about 96% sure the problem is the amp. Crackling can also be due to a bad cable.

I second this as well.

Plus, that's a pretty terrible amp to begin with.
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You always have the pedal in your signal chain right? How are you powering it? If it's with a battery that could be your problem there...