I wanted to hear stories from you guys about how you found something that people thought was total crap but it really was a great find.
Here's my story:
When I was 13 years old. My Dad was going to throw out his guitar because he didn't think it was valuable since it wasn't a good brand name guitar (Gibson, Fender, PRS, etc.). He got this guitar in the late 70's as a birthday present from his parents. His parents couldn't afford a good brand name guitar. They even bought a hardshell case with it. So, I come home from school and find his guitar on my bed. Luckily, my Mom told my Dad to keep the guitar because she thought I would like it. So, I played it. It, had great action, replaced the strings, but it was missing the tremelo. So, I did some research on the guitar to find it online. While doing the research, I found out the worth and what the guitar was. The guitar was a Univox Hi-Flyer! One of the copyright lawsuit guitars. It is worth $400+!!!!! And, it is the type that Kurt Cobain played! And, the case that came with it, is a Grestch hardshell case. And, it's worth as much as the guitar. So, I found the tremelo, fixed it up. And, it feels and plays great. It's one of the best guitars I have ever owned. Any one else have a cool story, please share it.
Well, my friend has a Yamaha Pacifica that cost about 100$ and I like it more than my own 500$ Ibanez :/ I also think that Roland Micro Cube is a great amp, literally perfect for bedroom playing.
I have a guitar that I payed $150 for that I like more than guitars other people have payed over $200 for.
Got my RG for $150, pretty happy about that.
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I wouldn't say they thought it was trash, but I picked up a '98 Framus Diablo for AU$400 at a store near my hometown. The guy selling it definitely had no idea what it was.
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Years ago I bought an old Silvertone parlor guitar for $25. It had painted on fret markers, horrible action, lotta plastic involved. But it also had upgraded tuners and a weird tone that I kinda liked. And it was very quiet, I could bash away without waking anyone.

I've tried to replace it a half dozen times but I keep going back to the Silvertone and trading whatever new acoustic I have at the moment. (Currently an Alvarez, the exact one I traded a few acoustics ago.).

Still rockin' the $25 silvertone sometimes.
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I have an Epiphone SG Special, probably the cheapest version they made. Brand new I think it was maybe $139 or so. It's matte black and came with the worst pickups, pots and tuning machines I've ever seen. However, the neck and body were perfect. I installed a Washburn 423 bridge pickup, bypassed all of the pots and the neck pickup and installed some used Grovers up top. It is my number one now. I can play the snot out of it and it scorches. The action and resonance are better than any other guitar I've played. Ever. It's an amazing rock & roll/blues guitar. It just sizzles. I have no more than $120 into it, total.

The other trash-to-treasure is a 2x12. I got two floor monitor cabs, homemade, carpet covered 1x12s with horns, for really cheap, like maybe $10-20, max. I cut the horn parts off and made a 1x12 and a 2x12 from the pieces. The 2x12 I loaded with a Peavey Blue Marvel and a Peavey Sheffield; I paid $35 for the pair. I also cut an oblong opening into the back. The speakers, cab, and jack cost me less than $50 all told. I was just hoping to get a knock-around extra 2x12 but what I got was the best-sounding one I've owned. It's extremely ugly, really, really ugly, but it sounds phenomenal. I tried loading it with Eminences, JBLs, CTSs, and combinations of the above and they all sounded pretty good but the Peaveys sound the best. After hearing that 2x12, I think I'm done with the square-shaped cabs. There's something about that non-square shape, I guess, that does it.

PS Even the 1x12 I got out of it sounds better than any other 1x12 I have.

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Xaviere's stuff is pretty awesome, my $205 Tele has a flamed maple top and to me it play than Fender MIs and sound better than MIAs.
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