Poll: What's your favorite pick material?
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2 7%
9 31%
0 0%
5 17%
0 0%
0 0%
0 0%
0 0%
3 10%
Doesn't Matter
10 34%
Voters: 29.
What's your favorite pick material? I just want to get some feedback on what and why everyone is playing with. I did some searching on the forums and couldn't find too much. Let's talk about it.
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I love my carbon fibre Dunlop Max Grip Jazz III's. Whether its actual carbon fibre, i don't know.
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I've never heard of half these materials. You didn't include tortex and I don't know what Jazz III XLs are made of so I just put "Doesn't Matter".
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Where's tortex...?
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I answer "doesn't matter" cause there's no "other" option.

Actually I liked the Dunlop Gator picks, don't the material, but are the one with the gator on it or the turtle.

.73 Jim Dunlop, standard shape.

I also like to use SIM cards.

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EDIT: isn't Delrex what the tortex are made of, I'm almost positive

EDIT 2: tortex is the original form of Delrex. Delrex was made by another company to duplicate the Dunlop Tortex material
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Nylon for me. Nothing else has really worked out for me too well.

Not voting cause poll is broken without Tortex or Carbon Fiber.
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Quote by jell0garden
Tortex is made of Delrex

Actually Tortex is the original, and Delrex is what other companies call Tortex because of Dunlops pat.
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F*ck picks

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Ultex. Feels good, relatively grippy (could be grippier though) and it sounds awesome. I am itching to try the Dunlop Max Grips (carbon fiber?) though, heard that they are good.

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Ultex Jazz IIIs.

They grip better than the original Jazz IIIs, and I prefer the sound to the Eric Johnson signature Jazz IIIs. The Ultex 2.0 has a snappier, brighter tone, if you're interested in that sort of thing.
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