I'm getting ready to buy a set of speakers to fill a 4x12 cab. However, I don't want to setup for disaster and blow my speakers or worse, my head 15min into playing. Before I ask my question I'd like to describe my setup:

Amp head: Carvin V3 50w
Cab speakers:
1x Celestion alnico gold (50w, sensitivity 100)
1x Celestion G12 anniversary (30w, sensitivity 100)
2x Scumback H75 (30w, sensitivity 99)
All 8ohlms

I'm playing out of a 50w head, but my total speaker output will be 140w with an average efficiency/sensitivity of 100. I plan to set my amp head volume at a 5-7 range to utilize the tubes and speaker potential. I'm aiming for more tonality, less volume.

My question:
What is my risk here? Do I have too much speaker at 140w through a 50w head? Can I mix these speakers safely, or is this configuration just going to blow up? I can't afford to get this wrong- please help
It will work fine but you will have to wire them up in series/parallel. If you wire them all in parallel yyou'll end up with two amps which could blow shit up.

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