Some players can't play unless they take off everything from their upper body, while Yngwie Malmsteen plays with heeled boots, a full concerto dress code outfit, a golden chain, golden watch and a BUNCH of golden fingers on BOTH hands!

What slows YOU down?

I always found it really hard and frustrating to play with anything with long sleeves, while I rarely played without a shirt, the strap is hurting me and the axe is cold.

I can't bear any kind of ring , watch or wristband on my hands/arms while playing either.
yeah i don't like sleeves either, i normally wear a t-shirt. i can play in long sleeves if i have to but prefer a t-shirt.

a watch is ok on my fretting hand
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Not much anymore, I can even play with fingerless gloves now without affecting tone much at all.
Fine with the watch on fretting hand but long sleeves/hoodies/sweaters while playing annoy me on either hands but especially on picking hand since its annoying to palm mute and just play naturally
I hate the way jewelry feels so I don't wear watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. I usually dress for comfort, so my clothing is never an issue either.

Sitting down: There's really nothing that holds me back. Occasionally, my wife likes to hug me from behind which kind of throws my tempo off...but that's about it.

Standing up: I absolutely hate playing with items in my pockets. Usually it's keys, my knife, or my wallet. I don't really feel like it holds me back, I am just a very energetic player and often when I am finished playing, my pockets have managed to empty themselves, or my keys begin to jab into my legs and make me uncomfortable.
Nothing, really.

I've played shows wearing cowboys boots, a denim jacket, scarves, 2 belts, and a big, heavy turquoise ring on my picking hand. A lot of the players I look up to wore big heels/jewelry/makeup/scarves/etc., so it's just a thing where it seems natural to me to be able to play with extra stuff.

If I had to take everything off and take everything out of my pockets just to play, I would probably just quit.
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I hate long sleeve shirts. Mostly because I have a tendency to roll them up, and after awhile its starts to wreck my forearm stamina if the sleeves are tight. Also hoodies with strings piss me off because I always forget and they bounce of the fretboard.
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I have to tuck my penis between my legs, hence I prefer sitting when I play.

In all seriousness sitting down with crap in your pockets is simply uncomfortable and only posers play standing.
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I have to tuck my penis between my legs, hence I prefer sitting when I play.

In all seriousness sitting down with crap in your pockets is simply uncomfortable and only posers play standing.
Lmfao I agree 100% with this post.
I actually totally prefer to wear long sleeve t-shirts. I like to be very warm when I play. If anything I'll always roll up my sleeves. I also wear a lot of jewelry on both of my wrists, and I have 4 rings all on my plucking hand (2 on my thumb, and 2 on my ring). I wasn't always like this when I first started playing, but I've gotten used to it as a acquired it all. When I practice, one of most important things I always make sure I'm implementing in my practice sessions is being as close to 100% comfortable as possible. Even if I have to spend an hour or so practicing at a high BPM laying in bed on my back, I usually do that. It's one of most important aspects of playing to me, especially for most of us who do shows all the time. We know how much our adrenaline kicks in, so I'd rather be in complete control of that, and be able to control my emotions as well.
...longsleeves, anything in the right pocket of my jeans, the wrong pick and to the horror of my wife my wedding ring......she thinks that I just take it off to get groupies...

....she obviously has never seen our groupies!
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Thick sweatshirts, crap in pockets. Not wearing long sleeved t-shirt or whatever(makes vertical position shifting for my picking hand easier as my forearm tends to stick to the surface of the guitar with the skin directly against it otherwise). Not having something to put my left foot on when sitting(I put my guitar "classical style"). Strap not set at adequate height when standing.