Hey guys so i have been playing on this smaller fender mustang for years now and im really starting to get more serious and advanced with my playing so i decided to get the Schecter C-1 custom. all i need is a decent amp. I play music like Metallica, Guns, AC DC, avenged sevenfold, and some other new stuff just to list a few. what would be a nice but still keeping it at a reasonable price range (im only 15 years old so i don't have loads of cash). i am thinking about getting something used but i wanted to know what you guys think.

What is reasonable to you? How much can you realistically save up/spend?

Where in the world are you located? Gear prices fluctuate wildly between different countries.

Are you willing to go used?
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Yeah i should have specified some of the things you asked in the original post. I live in the united states and idk i would like to stay under 600 bucks if i can. and as previously stated i was thinking about getting something used.
you can probably find a decent sized create amp for 100 bucks or even a 120watt create head and cab for $200-$300, i know to most they arent that great but they do get the job done and they can take ALOT of sh*t in my experience and plus they're rather common so its not a challenge to find them.
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Or Marshall DSL401 egnater rebel or Jet City 20/50w combo

If you want a half stack instead, egnater or jet city + (if you can find it) used Harley Benton G212 Vintage or egnater cab.

I'd stay away from crate's stuff.
As already stated, they aren't that great and you don't need a 120w.
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