You've got a good feel for the song, you seem to loosen up a lot more after about the minute mark. Sounds really good (I'm assuming you're the one playing the lead?). I can't really pick it apart, apart from your bends in the very first section don't sounds quite right but thats minor. If you're not already in a full band you should look for one, it would be a lot cooler with a vocalist and a drummer.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1624642
Hey bud, pretty good take. Tone is spot on with the actual song as is a great majority of the playing. I think what the guys above are talking about is how you let those reverse bends hang a bit longer than they do in the recording during the first 30 seconds, which I personally enjoyed. I thought it sounded like how Wishbone Ash would have played the song.

As far as your vibrato goes, I think it's fine, but you should experiment with slower vibratos. It's good that you can do a fast vibrato too, but the slower vibrato has its place in communicating certain vibes like the one in this song.