Hey guys so i am going to get a new guitar soon and i was either going to get the Hell Raiser C-1 (EMG) or the C-1 custom (Duncans). I play a lot of Metallica, Guns and roses, Avenged Sevenfold, SOAD, RATM stuff like that. i hear that the EMG active pickup is just bland sounding and dont go well on clean channels while the Duncans have less of a crunch to them but are more versatile. i just cant decide which guitar i would like because of the pickups. the guitars both feel the same because they are the same shape and have similar necks so i like them both just the picks ups is the only problem. what do you guys think if i get the EMGs will i be able to get a solid clean (i don't play clean often but i would like to). Or will the Duncans be able to get the crunch the EMGs are capable of. Any advice is welcome. Thanks!!!
EMGs are not bland, they're clean sounding with high distortion and don't have any background humming or buzzing. They're not very interesting on a clean channel but they're good for high gain.
It depends on the EMG really. I love my 57/66 set, and I also dig the emg 60.
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Love my EMG's. I got hte 81x/85x, supposed to have more headroom for better sound, but standard EMGs I think are still great. Hard to say they suck when so many recording guitarists have used them for a long time. All depends on the sound you're looking for.
Hm alright well seeing all you guys love your emgs (i believe the ones on the hell raiser are the 81 and 89) I think ill get those. Thank you guys