I just saw a video of Al Di Meola and he was speaking of keeping rhytmic control, by this I mean having your foot tapping a pulse while your hands play on (or off) the beat. Researched about this and I think this is the Internal Clock. First off, does everybody have it? There seems to be a debate on that.

So, I obviously want to highly develop this, but don't know where to start besides using a metronome but I usually practice with one.

Does mixing subdivisions help(varying per beat or even IN the beat)? I've been doing it for a couple weeks for alternate picking and coordination & I'm wondering if it also helps.

Any comments on developing the inner clock?
Practice feeling different note devisions in a bar of 4/4. You can probably feel four quarters and eight eights so try mixing it up. Write out different rhythmic possibilities on some paper and practice feeling those with a metronome. Try eighth quarter eighth, add triplets, play only on the off beats for a measure and only on the on for the next. It's also important to learn to phrase in four(ish) bar segments or at least be aware of every four bars as they pass. This will help you get to chord on time and stop soloing when you should.

This might help

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I think it's important to do as many different rhythmic patterns as possible, while playing on the down beats and playing on the off beats, while Playing OFF the down beats, and playing OFF the upbeats. There's a big difference between the two. Most importantly, practice to a show metronome marking. Everybody wants to play fast, but if you really want to have good timing and a good internal clock, practice slower. I feel this benefits you always working backwards. Even as a horn player, you want to be able to increase your range and play higher notes. But not many known the important of practicing lower notes. The better your sound is practicing lower notes, the better your technique and the strength of the muscles for your mouth will be to play those higher notes.