So I've done a little bit of searching and haven't really found much discussion on what I am attempting to do (maybe there's good reason for that, I don't know).

Basically instead of memorising patterns on the guitar fretboard and where certain notes are, I'm trying to memorize notes respective to each other (as in semitones apart)

In more detail, I want to be able to play scales no matter what the guitar is tuned to, as long as I know what each string is tuned to.

I've been doing this so I know by heart, that (for example) an F note is always going to be 4 semitones up from an A note, a D note is always going to be 9 semitones up from a B note, and so forth until I can look at a fret on a string and know what note it is without having to take a second thought.

I don't know whether this is going to work the way I hope it is in practice, but in theory it seems like it'd be a good skill to have, as opposed to memorizing patterns in certain tunings. This is because I like to play in new tunings quite a bit.

Anyway, kinda just want to hear other peoples ideas on the matter.


I knew there had to be a musically correct way of saying it haha.

I'll be sure to look into that.