I've been looking to join a band for some time now, and obviously bands want to hear what I can do before anything goes further. I used to be in a band few years back but it fell apart an I've been told I can do 'harsh' vocals quite well ... Thing is though, I've had no interest from other bands since I put an ad up with my vocal link in.

It was recorded by my friend who works in a pretty budget studio, it's not mixed or mastered or anything, just an instrumental with my vocals over. So I think it sounds pretty bad ... I'm thinking the lack of replies are down to -

- I'm not the 'style' bands want
- My interests differ from my local scene now (mostly hard core bands, or bands that claim to be prog metal that are actually just hard core)
- It's currently just a bad time and metal vocalists aren't needed in my area
- OR, I'm just not very good

I think it's ok, but could do some work obviously, but it can't be that bad? Right?

It's actually quite, not good.

You have zero control and seem to lose breath pressure instantly. The biggest issue is you seem to be attempting false cord distortion technique over something that is clearly originally fry based (Blythe is a famous fry screamer).

Control, control, you must learn control!

Come to the screaming thread with a new recording of you doing an original and we can give you a better idea of where you are at.

You move into your highs very well but the rest is currently, I stress currently, awful. With work all of this can be corrected though. However, if I was shopping for a vocalist, you would currently be low on my list of candidates. None of this is meant to offend, but instead to give you an honest response to your question.

Metal vocalists are always in demand, even if the music they produce is not. If I could define your stylings as you say in one word, I would say early "hardcore." These gents had no idea what they were doing and just screamed their heads off. It sounded bad.

Check out my tutorials. Come to the screaming/growling thread with a recording, and lets get you going towards something you and others can enjoy.

In any case best of luck to you my metal brother.
Thought so! Needed some honest feedback, so its good to get that at last. Tbf I was a bit uncertain with the song from the start, I feel like my highs are ok, but the rest is just ... lacking anything really. An original recording? I'll see what I can put together, just various lines?